Antique Clocks and Old Clocks

We are living in an age where everything is digital and many parts of our lives are centered on technology.  An antique clock brings a sense of "old time" into our environment, with it's analog movements and soothing "tick tock".  Many people are looking for antique clocks as a way to "get back to" simpler times, and as reminders of some of those things we remember from childhood.  They are also "living art" in their mechanical form and are the perfect centerpiece of a mantle.
Remember Grandma or Grampa's clock?  I remember a pristine clock housed in a glass bell.  The clock had a rhythmic, shiny movement that always entranced me.  Years later, I looked for a clock like that and found one: a German Anniversary clock, housed in a glass dome.  I look at that clock and remember my grandparents, who have been gone many years now.
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