Free 2011 Calendar of clock pictures to download (Word and PDF formats)

Free 2011 Calendar is available for download . Each month has a different picture of the best clock images we could find: Jaeger LeCoutre, Big Ben, whimsical clocks, the Prague Astronomical clock and more.
The Word file is large (<1MB) and will take some time to download (could be several minutes as each page has a nice quality image). There is absolutely no spyware, viruses or junk in these files. There is no catch. We hope that if you have clock purchases to be made in 2011 that you come back to
If you would like to do us a favor (not necessary, but appreciated), use the search box to the right to look for any clock at all... and if you click any of the resulting links you will be taken to Ebay (they give us about a nickle for that and it doesn't cost you anything). Or click any of the links that show up under individual clock brand names in our Clock Shop. Thank you!
The PDF file prints out much nicer than it appears on your monitor (it is >.8 MB). The Word file you can edit to put in your own birthdays and holidays.
Each thumbnail links to a larger image file which you can view or download if you would like.

Word format 2011 Calendar

Word format January-June 2011 Clocks Calendar
Word format June-December 2011 Clocks Calendar

Adobe Acrobat format 2011 Calendar


PDF format January-June 2011 Clocks Calendar
PDF format June-December 2011 Clocks Calendar
These images are included in the calendar January to June 2011:
gears Prague Astronomical Clock Vienna clock
Spiral clock World's clocks Jaeger LeCoultre
These images are included in the calendar June to December 2011:
Jaeger LeCoultre Big Ben in London Clock in Santorini
Clock faces Halloween clock Paris clock
Please forward the link to our site to your friends that may be interested in a free calendar.