Selling your antique clock

There is quite a substantial market for antique clocks.
There are two popular avenues for selling your clock:


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Ebay provides some advantages: 
  • You can search through completed listings to get an idea of how much clocks similar to yours have sold for (many of the popular categories are listed on this site or you can use the Search feature)
  • You can search through current listings to see if there are bidders looking for clocks like yours
  • You can set a reserve price so that if the minimum price you set is not met, you are not required to sell the clock

Online Classified for clocks

Antique Clock Price Guide free classified
At the Antique Clock Price guide you can get information related to the value of your clock.  Online database shows 9,832 antique clocks with 17,100 color photos. Descriptions and "real world" values show actual auction and retail prices. American, English and European clocks of all types. Extensive index. Search by manufacturer, type or key word.